Business Boosting – Fundraising Events Can Boost Your Business

People are the life-blood of your business and talking to as many people as possible will keep your business dynamic and fresh. Fundraising events such as craft fairs, school fetes, office displays at lunchtime, Christmas bazaars, ladies pampering evenings and charity fund days are a fantastic opportunity to promote your business at a local level.

Why? Well, what’s exciting about fundraising events is that they are a massive market of different groups of people that your business wouldn’t easily get to – charity groups, school PTA members and parents, mothers from the playgroup, church groups, sports clubs, league of friends, church groups, people in offices, local businesses, local hospices, special interest groups, women’s groups, Brownie and Cub packs to name a few.

I spent over 5 years in party plan and during that time I developed a system for ensuring that I never ran out of sales, new customers and leads. I made sure that a significant proportion of my business was fundraising based. I attended school fetes and Christmas craft bazaars. I gave talks and demonstrations at ladies coffee mornings, charity lunches, social evenings and had displays at lunchtimes in office blocks. Usually, the charity received a percentage of my sales or charged a small fee for my display space. It was a win-win situation for my business and the fundraising groups – they raised funds and I grew my business!

By attending a fundraising event you can raise the profile of your business locally, generate new customers, sales, leads and bookings. It really is a very cost-effective way of promoting your business at a grass-roots level in your local area, without paying for advertising. Try it! You’ll be amazed at the results!

Good luck with your business.

Videos In MLM – Precarious Commercials Or Comprehensive Business Boosts

As of late, MLM websites have shifted their focus from the “FREE! FREE! FREE!*”(glaringly suspicious asterisk) pitches to friendly expertise video models. The typical bombastic text usually encountered when you click on a new MLM website has been bound up and sealed away in some ebook yet to be purchased.

Instead, an automated flash player video greets me promising a better way to boost my business. Nearly a dozen sites now market free videos that introduce human testimonials and products that, in a uncanny way, remind me of YouTube home entertainment. However, I’m not ready to throw the video model out as a novelty fad. It’s a marked improvement over the typically deceiving tag lines, but can be precariously deceptive or surprisingly rewarding, if one knows where to look.

The video model always promises to be a free teaching tool, but rarely does it hold up. Among Mike Dillard, the Spiderweb System, and other video producing marketers, only the Spiderweb System actually functions as a free system that caters to the user specifically. Dillard’s model adds up to being a seven day, seven video commercial that attempts(poorly) to downplay its ultimate goal of selling me an ebook. How disappointing. My time wasted watching all seven videos was time wasted watching an infomercial.(Could have done that at two in the morning instead.)

When I finished one video I had to excruciatingly wait until the next day when I was given “access” to view the next, which happened to be (unsurprisingly and disconcertingly) precariously similar to the video I had watched the day before. Fishy business in my opinion. Although the medium has changed from tag lines: “FREE FREE FREE**” to “introduction videos,” Dillard’s aim (like the rest of the MLMs) functions ultimately to sell a silly ebook that gets me no where in the marketing world.

With such an experience, you can imagine my skepticism when I tried the new SpiderWeb System videos. I wanted to know if this new medium of MLM could hold it promise and implement well into my business. Hosted by the founder of The SpiderWeb System himself, Kimball Roundy, the videos are straightforward and aren’t trying to sell me any ebook full of “secrets” at the end. Instead of talking to me about his product, Kimball had set everything in place for me to begin making passive income during the first five minutes of the first video and willing taught me how to boost my business right then and there (which sold me on his way of doing MLM).

I didn’t have to go back and re read anything. Instead I was setting up my new business strategies right then, during the video time. (Talk about a time saver.) The comprehensive and user friendly videos are available in full at any time to me without charge and each walks me through a step-by-step process that got me somewhere immediately. There is no “revolutionary” ebook to buy when the curtains closed, only internet suave and down line girth.

These videos worked in a completely different way than Dillard’s or any other MLM company has. They actually deliver the product and set in place the way for me to get somewhere in my business, at my convenience (as opposed to the seven day wait). The video model hot in the MLM industry is being used in two ways it seems: on one hand, it functions like a longer, more enticing commercial for an ebook. But on the other hand, and alone in the market, the SpiderWeb System uses videos as their medium for actually teaching and setting up my own business better, free of charge. Thanks guys. I give your show a standing ovation.

Calgary Business and Culture – A Winning Combination

The city of Calgary is incredibly beautiful and Calgary business is booming. Much of the city is surrounded by rolling foothills and prairie. It is the largest city within the province of Alberta and is the fifth largest in terms of population in Canada. Much of the Calgary economy is based on income generated by the business of tourism, oil and agriculture. The city’s reputation has also been boosted by being the first city in Canada to host the winter Olympics.

Calgary Business Boosted by Oil

Calgary business and the economy rapidly expanded due to the Oil Boom of the early 1900s. It really came into its own when even larger reserves of oil were discovered in 1947. The city was also significantly enhanced when an embargo was based on the importation of Middle Eastern oil. This in turn led to the population of the city being increased by over 200,000 in only 18 years. The Calgary economy is so reliant on the oil reserves that you can quite clearly see the income of the city rise and fall based on the current price of oil.

Calgary Culture Steps Up

When the governing body of Calgary realized that the city could not survive on the income from oil alone they decided to invest a substantial amount of money in the Calgary culture. This plan came into force after the staging of the Winter Olympics at the end of the 1980s which helped boost the amount of tourists coming to the city and in turn placed more money in the city’s banks. This also helped protect the employment rate and Calgary business which in the past had suffered substantially due to the falling oil prices.

One of the most visited centers of culture within Calgary is the International Avenue which houses a number of stores and restaurants which highlight the many cultures from around the world that are now proud to call Calgary their home.

The Calgary culture is also rich with theaters and musical dance acts performing all times throughout the year. Many famous Broadway musicals have graced the stages of Calgary and it still remains an important destination for those musicals which have gone on tour. A number of festivals also take place throughout the year, ranging from comedy festivals to music festivals. These all greatly enhance the Calgary economy.

Calgary – a Scenic Delight

The city is sprawling with most of the suburbs being connected to the main body. Two rivers run through the city, the Bow and the Elbow, which contribute to the beauty of Calgary. Snow covered mountains and rolling fields dominate the immediate area surrounding the city. At night you may just be so lucky to also catch a glimpse of the famous northern lights.

Discover the Wonders of Calgary Business and Culture

As mentioned previously, Calgary business and economy relies heavily on the oil industry and the price that the oil is currently selling. In the late 1980s however the oil industry took a massive downturn. These downturns lead to high levels of unemployment throughout the city. Within recent years the governing bodies have significantly helped to diversify the aspects of the city which will contribute towards Calgary business and economy. This has surely helped as the Calgary culture is incredibly rich now and as times goes on more and more people are discovering the fun that can be had within the city.