Starting a Home Based Business – Boost Your Income During a Recession With These 5 Strategies

Online Business

If you’ve been thinking about starting a home based business, internet marketing has managed to stay one of the most popular methods for producing consistent high-dollar income. This is remarkable when you consider the world’s current economic condition. The web is still being used more often for shopping by people and it looks like it will continue to be true for the time being.

Marketing In Recession

Certainly, many of you would agree that the idea of making a profit online is still rather attractive – especially when the pickings are slim elsewhere. What better way can you conceive of making a decent income than on your computer from the comfort of your home. Many internet marketers started with this thought and went on to carve out lucrative businesses for themselves online. I would like to share five income strategies for home based business that sustain you even during a recession.

Five Income Strategies

1. Join CPA networks. While it has been promoted by many internet marketers CPA networks suffer from poor marketing and transparency. The details remain cloudy and most don’t know what is required to join these networks. Yet, they do offer many advantages.

2. You can buy ad space. Did you know you can buy up spaces in popular sites like Yahoo, Hotmail, or Facebook or other media spaces? Some people do not know the potential or believe they have to be a big company to get such ad space. In fact, the process is rather simple and regular even small-sized businesses can get these lucrative spaces and start bringing in major profits.

3. You can start list building. This method is one of the easy and perhaps faster ways to create a major internet marketing business. If you can build up 1,000 subscribers it is possible to make thousands of dollars each month. If you just maintain the list you can take in a five figure income easier than you thought possible. Starting a home based business sound more tempting now?

4. Look into outsourcing. Though it is not common knowledge there is earning potential in outsourcing. If you have a business then you may already know that hiring an outsourcer to do different jobs for you can actually save you money so you’re earning more than you spend. There are plenty of services that can connect you with outsourcers who will work for low, reasonable prices.

5. Anybody can be an internet marketer. There is a common myth that internet marketing is to challenging for most people to do. Some people believe you must have some technical skills to make it on the internet. It just isn’t true. High school drop outs and the so-called computer illiterate crowd have become very successful internet marketers, so don’t feel like you won’t measure up.

Learn All You Can

If you’re interested in starting a home based business then online marketing may be a good place to start. What is important here is to know as much as you can about the products to promote and where to find them and how and where to promote those products or services. This might take some research and consultation with those who’ve already been there.

Website Design Can Help Small Businesses Boost Their Profits

No business can deny that consumers are looking for new simpler ways to buy their products and services. The internet has become a rival to the high street with growing sales figures reported across a diverse range of sectors. It has the capability to increase awareness of your brand or business within your local region and on an international scale, creating a much wider audience who might be receptive to the products or services that you offer. As such it is imperative for smaller businesses to have an online presence, and it all starts with a website.

Massive brands can afford not to do much in the way of online marketing, because the majority of their traffic comes from organic searches anyway, by which I mean that someone will type in the brand name into a search engine or will type the URL directly into the computer. For smaller businesses however, most of their traffic comes to their website by searching what is known as a ‘keyword’, for example, if I wanted to buy a new bathroom, I might type in ‘bathrooms in Leeds’ just like if I was looking for a web designer to develop a site for my business I would type in ‘website design Leeds’, changing location of course depending on where you are situated. You need a great website in order to show up in the search results, designed on basic search engine optimization principles, otherwise internet users will not be able to find your website let alone spend their time or money with you.

For companies with no prior experience on the internet, it can be difficult knowing who to trust when it comes to designing their website. There are agencies out there claiming to have your website number one in the search results within a week, but the truth is that building and launching a successful website can take weeks and months, results are not instant, but they are worth it in the end. Within two or three months the traffic to your site should see you making sound returns on your investment, and a well designed website should pay for itself within twelve months.

When you are looking for a website design company, do your research as there are certain things to look out for. How big is the company and how many clients does it claim to represent? Ten clients to one designer cannot be good as their time will be spread thinly over each one, probably costing you time and money during the development stage. Likewise, very large companies with more than thirty people can dilute the focus placed on your website, and it can be difficult to know who is accountable to you as their client. What you should be looking for is a company who can offer you a design team, development team and an online marketing team, who will support you once the website is up and running. Having an account manager who is dedicated to your website with only a handful of other clients is great because they can liaise with every member on your team and make sure the work is being done professionally and on time.

Look for a website design agency in your local area as this makes it easier for you to hold regular meetings with them either at your base or in their office premises. The only exception I would make to this is if you find a website designer who really stands out to you, based on awards, past clients, past projects and so on. Just make sure that you feel comfortable with your agency and that you trust them with your money to make sure they produce a website fitting for your business.

Boost Your Business – Boost Your Turnover

To boost your turnover, it is necessary to boost your business, and this means getting the material or product to your client as quickly as possible.

The obvious and best way to hauling flowable bulk materials is by the use of Bucket Elevators. Once called “Grain Leg”, the Bucket Elevator has come a long way. Today it can be used for large or fine, heavy or light material, and will increase the efficiency of your business one hundredfold.

Bucket Elevators are simply buckets for containing material, belts to carry the buckets, means to drive the belt, and accessories for loading buckets or picking up materials, also for receiving the discharged material. Bucket Elevators can be vertical or inclined to suit your needs.

Current construction is usually a rubber belt, plastic buckets, pulleys, several feet in diameter used at the top and bottom – the top pulley being driven by an electric motor. However there is still a choice of buckets, from plastic, stainless steel, reinforced, or fabricated for special purposes. There are also choices of drive options, and choices of belts. Belts can be manufactured to be oil and fat resistant, heat resistant and suitable for food and drink industries. Some materials will require a chain belt. There is also a choice of finish to suit all industries.

You might find that you need a bespoke conveyor system designed to do exactly what you want it to do. This is possible and there are many conveyor design and engineering companies that will do this for you.

Generally, even poor flowing materials can be moved successfully these type of elevators. The speed of the materials can vary according to the material and your choice of elevator.

Bucket Elevators save manpower and man time, and no matter how small your business is, speeding it up will not only please your clients in this fast moving world, but will please you as you will be in a position to take on and fulfill more orders, thus boosting your turnover.