Business Boosting Fundraising Events – How to Make the Most of Them!

So, you’ve booked your space at the fundraising event – now what? Here are some basic tips to get the most out of the opportunity:

– Whatever your business you’ll need to have some kind of a display – don’t just turn up on the day without thinking about this! Your table at the fundraising event will be your shop window. Make sure you have a bright, eye-catching display – and that’s not just for products, it could simply be a display of leaflets about your business.

– Always have a cloth to cover the table provided and make sure it’s long enough to cover the table legs (to hide boxes underneath).

– Have height on your display – don’t just have products or leaflets laid out flatly on the table. Work your display out before the event – nothing is worse than messing about on the day trying to make something look good when you haven’t got the right kit with you.

– Have business cards or flyers available – make sure you have something to hand out to people who express an interest in what you’re doing. Nothing looks worse than a scribble bit of paper with your details on it.

– Never sit behind a table waiting for people to talk to you! You need to be looking lively, enthusiastic and chatty. Stand up and talk to people!

– Think about what you’re going to say to people to engage them in conversation. You need to instigate conversation. A free prize draw is often a good way to do this – `have you entered our free prize draw? We’re giving away a xxxx to one lucky winner today.’

– Talk to people in such a way that they may offer useful ideas to you. People will often think of who would love your jewellery products, or their neighbour who frequently holds parties at home to raise cash for their favourite charities, their friend who’s involved with such and such a charity and is always looking for good ideas etc etc. You get the idea!

– Make sure you take a cash float, whatever you need to wrap your products and a calculator. Sounds obvious, but you’d be amazed at the number of people who don’t!

– Keep a note of what you’ve sold. What products went well, which didn’t etc – It’s useful to know if you’re hitting the mark with what you’re doing.

Make sure that a healthy proportion of your business is fundraising-based and you’ll never be short of leads again. Good luck with your business!