Calgary Business and Culture – A Winning Combination

The city of Calgary is incredibly beautiful and Calgary business is booming. Much of the city is surrounded by rolling foothills and prairie. It is the largest city within the province of Alberta and is the fifth largest in terms of population in Canada. Much of the Calgary economy is based on income generated by the business of tourism, oil and agriculture. The city’s reputation has also been boosted by being the first city in Canada to host the winter Olympics.

Calgary Business Boosted by Oil

Calgary business and the economy rapidly expanded due to the Oil Boom of the early 1900s. It really came into its own when even larger reserves of oil were discovered in 1947. The city was also significantly enhanced when an embargo was based on the importation of Middle Eastern oil. This in turn led to the population of the city being increased by over 200,000 in only 18 years. The Calgary economy is so reliant on the oil reserves that you can quite clearly see the income of the city rise and fall based on the current price of oil.

Calgary Culture Steps Up

When the governing body of Calgary realized that the city could not survive on the income from oil alone they decided to invest a substantial amount of money in the Calgary culture. This plan came into force after the staging of the Winter Olympics at the end of the 1980s which helped boost the amount of tourists coming to the city and in turn placed more money in the city’s banks. This also helped protect the employment rate and Calgary business which in the past had suffered substantially due to the falling oil prices.

One of the most visited centers of culture within Calgary is the International Avenue which houses a number of stores and restaurants which highlight the many cultures from around the world that are now proud to call Calgary their home.

The Calgary culture is also rich with theaters and musical dance acts performing all times throughout the year. Many famous Broadway musicals have graced the stages of Calgary and it still remains an important destination for those musicals which have gone on tour. A number of festivals also take place throughout the year, ranging from comedy festivals to music festivals. These all greatly enhance the Calgary economy.

Calgary – a Scenic Delight

The city is sprawling with most of the suburbs being connected to the main body. Two rivers run through the city, the Bow and the Elbow, which contribute to the beauty of Calgary. Snow covered mountains and rolling fields dominate the immediate area surrounding the city. At night you may just be so lucky to also catch a glimpse of the famous northern lights.

Discover the Wonders of Calgary Business and Culture

As mentioned previously, Calgary business and economy relies heavily on the oil industry and the price that the oil is currently selling. In the late 1980s however the oil industry took a massive downturn. These downturns lead to high levels of unemployment throughout the city. Within recent years the governing bodies have significantly helped to diversify the aspects of the city which will contribute towards Calgary business and economy. This has surely helped as the Calgary culture is incredibly rich now and as times goes on more and more people are discovering the fun that can be had within the city.