Can E-Business Boost Your Business?

Like most other small and medium-sized businesses, you’re no doubt using email and other web-based tools to keep in touch with clients and suppliers, as well as run your operation. But are you doing everything you can to leverage technology?

The right e-business tools and strategies can help you stay ahead of the competition by supporting your efforts to offer better customer service, streamline business processes, increase your sales, and lower your costs. Here are our top ten e-business tips:

1. Conduct your banking, pay your bills and manage your payroll online. Tip: setup automated scheduled payments for any recurring bills so you never miss a payment and avoid incurring interest and penalty charges.

2. Use purchasing and restocking software to manage your supply chain

3. Build supplier and partner relationships through email and professional e-networking.

4. Use the Internet to market your products and services to a global audience without leaving your home base.

5. Create and grow a customer relationship platform that builds your customer base and tracks interactions for more personalized service.

6. Stay in touch with your customers through your website, email and text messaging.

7. Set up an online storefront and payment system (credit card, PayPal, or even by PO) to sell your products or services on the Web.

8. Use your company intranet to manage human resources, including scheduling and leave requests.

9. Build stronger internal relations with staff through your intranet and/or e-newsletter.

10. Automate order-taking, logistics, billing and file-sharing with customers and suppliers through a password-protected extranet.