How to Easily Collect Business Boosting Testimonials For Your Financial Services Marketing

The #1 reason why most marketing falls short is the lack of proof like testimonials. Testimonials are a form of social proof that justifies the value of your product or service. Without a testimonial, your customer must take your “word for it” that your product and service is as good as you say it is. While you can market without testimonials, you will always see your sales conversions improve the more you use this powerful form of social proof.

Here are some easy ways to start gathering testimonials for use in your marketing.

Strike While the Iron is Hot

Be alert to occasions where your client compliments your services. Just don’t thank them and walk away, use the opportunity to ask for a testimonial. You can say something like: Thank You for the compliment. I’m sure other clients would benefit from hearing your opinion. Would you mind writing me a brief testimonial. I’ve used this script with excellent results.

Create an Opportunity for Positive Feedback

You can create opportunities for testimonials by sending your client’s a customer satisfaction survey. This survey should ask your client to rate their satisfaction with your services on a scale from 1 (Bad) to 10 (Excellent). Ask any client that gives you a rating of 8 or above for a testimonial. Of course, anyone that gives you a score below 5 should be contacted immediately to assess the situation. These folks are giving you testimonials too – just ones you may not like!

Put Your Testimonial Gathering on Auto-Pilot

Put you entire testimonial in-take process on autopilot. Add a line to your invoices directing your clients to an online form where they can submit a testimonial. Train your staff to automatically ask for a testimonial if they hear any type of praise from your clients. Add a link to your website that shows and collects testimonials. The idea is to jumpstart your process for getting a steady stream without much work on your part.

Once you have these testimonials, make sure that you use them in every piece of marketing that leaves your office. Testimonials are a powerful tool, make it a point to have your client’s positive feedback sell your services.