Restaurant Marketing Strategies – Five Business Boosting Viral Marketing Techniques for Restaurants

Viral marketing? No worries. It has nothing to do with getting sick. It’s all about making word of your restaurant spread like a virus. Read on to find out more.

Would you like more customers? One of the hottest ways to get them is viral marketing. There are a number of ways to do that. Here are just a few of them:

1) Tell a friend

There are several “tell a friend” scripts available. Just Google “Tell a friend script” and you’ll find some.

These scripts have in common that they tell people to, you guessed it, tell a friend. Some of them offer rewards for doing that, and others consider the satisfaction of having pointed a friend to a great resource reward enough. Either way, check them out.

2) A do-it-yourself version of the tell a friend script

You can also do it yourself in a couple of ways:

a) By email

Include a link at the bottom of your email that your subscribers can use to forward the email to a friend, or, even better, to your sign-up page so they can get their own email.

b) Through coupons or cards

You can also give out special coupons or business cards that your customers can pass out to their friends. For each friend who comes in for dinner, your customer (AND their friend) will get a bonus, such as a free dessert or a specialty cocktail or coffee drink or whatever.

3) Create a special e-booklet

You can also create a special ebooklet that you give to your customers. It is filled with valuable info and, yes, coupons for special deals and special offers. And you encourage your customers to pass them on to their friends, and so on.

Make the book valuable enough that they will feel they’re giving their friends something of value. Of course, once they see all those great offers in the book, many of them will stop by to take advantage of them.

4) Offer the above booklet through social media

And don’t limit yourself to sending this ebooklet out to your subscribers but also tweet about it and announce it on your Facebook Fan Page. Don’t have one yet? Better get started with setting one up. Of course, you can also blog about it on your blog.

5) Wash, rinse, and repeat

And there you have it. Four powerful ways through which you can get the word out about your restaurant quickly. And don’t limit yourself to doing this just once. You can create a follow-up ebooklet and start all over again.