Starting an Online Business – Boost Up Your Wholesale Buy-and-Sell Business With Online Marketing

Selling wholesale merchandise on the internet is a very popular way to make money. The reason is you do not need a brick and mortar store to go into business. With an online store, you only need to source out your products as cheaply as possible. Online selling is a very competitive, price-driven enterprise so you need to keep your prices low and attract customers in order to succeed. Online marketing is a tremendously effective way to increase traffic to your website and get more customers.

Millions of people use the internet everyday. They are potential customers but you have to find a way to steer them to your website and get their contact information. You need a contact name and email address to put together your customer database. When you have the information, you can start marketing your products.

Once you have a great product to sell, you will need a landing page for your website as well as an autoresponder. In online marketing, the landing page is the page that appears onscreen when a potential buyer clicks on an ad or a link from a search engine result.

The landing page is essential for you to build your customer list. It must be visually attractive, dynamic and informative enough to pique the visitor’s curiosity. Your autoresponder box on the landing page allows visitors to enter their names and email addresses before leading them to another site that will give them more information. Free autoresponders are available but there are paid services such as Aweber which offers flexibility and stability.

The primary purpose of an autoresponder is to feed messages to your new contacts at preset time intervals. This is to establish a bond with them so that they will be more likely to buy from you. You can set up the messages in the autoresponder and your contacts will automatically receive emails from you over a period of time. You can email prospective customers about your products and price list as well as other information.

A good way to get started with your online selling is by using SaleHoo. It provides a listing of legitimate suppliers and brings buyers and sellers together so each member can find what he or she needs. SaleHoo can help promote your business so that customers will easily find you. With the help of online marketing, you will soon be able to increase your profits tremendously.